No face

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He’s a character from “Spirited away”, a Japanese movie one of my english teachers showed us. It was surprisingly good and no face is a character that interests many people and comes up a lot.

This is why certain things are sins, you could chalk it up to an archaic concept, and it should be obvious which ones are, but many things feed unflattering parts of us, and while they feeds us, our heads get bigger and bigger until we are intolerable, empty, and unhappy. As those things can be easily taken away. It’s a first-world problem, but I think it’s the root of much unhappiness.


So our wise prophet Kylie Jenner said that 2016 was “the year of realizing things and stuff”.  She was on the dot but a year behind.


For me, 2016 was a year of eternal face palm worthy cringe. My subconscious was yelling at me “bitch open your eyes you need professional help” but I refused to listen. I repressed some things that were keeping me down and that made it impossible for me to function or be a good friend/partner. I attracted people who weren’t good for me either. So I will just do this hand gesture and pretend none of it ever happened.


This year is a bit better. It consists of giving zero fucks and waddling about peacefully. As can be seen below:

See, if I gave a fuck, I would have walked a bit further so that the tree wouldn’t be squat in the middle, but I did not, so here we are.

Here we go again

This is the post excerpt.


I feel that upon death, we will be forced to read through every single introductory blog post we have left up on an abandoned blog. When I read something that I wrote a few years ago I often want to smack myself over the head.

My accomplishments: I’ve had two relationships so toxic that arsenic would be jealous. The end.