So our wise prophet Kylie Jenner said that 2016 was “the year of realizing things and stuff”.  She was on the dot but a year behind.


For me, 2016 was a year of eternal face palm worthy cringe. My subconscious was yelling at me “bitch open your eyes you need professional help” but I refused to listen. I repressed some things that were keeping me down and that made it impossible for me to function or be a good friend/partner. I attracted people who weren’t good for me either. So I will just do this hand gesture and pretend none of it ever happened.


This year is a bit better. It consists of giving zero fucks and waddling about peacefully. As can be seen below:

See, if I gave a fuck, I would have walked a bit further so that the tree wouldn’t be squat in the middle, but I did not, so here we are.


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